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SF-4: Serverless Latency?

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 14/12/2018 pm31 21:00:00

Sup­pose we like the idea of go­ing server­less (we do). What should we wor­ry about when we make that bet? What I hear when I talk to peo­ple think­ing about it, most­ly, is la­ten­cy. Can a run-on-demand func­tion re­spond as quick­ly as a warmed-up Web serv­er sit­ting there in mem­o­ry wait­ing for in­com­ing work? The an­swer, un­sur­pris­ing­ly, is “it depends”. Read the article

SF-3: Serverless Everything?

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 11/12/2018 pm31 21:00:00

Some­times we fans get a lit­tle over-excited and de­claim that ev­ery­thing should be server­less. After al­l, we’re pret­ty con­vinced that own­ing da­ta cen­ters and com­put­ers is be­com­ing a thing of the past. Well then, how could con­fig­ur­ing your own hosts and pay­ing for them even when they’re not work­ing ev­er be a good idea? Let’s try to be mod­er­ate and prag­mat­ic: Server­less, where pos­si­ble. Read the article

SF-2: Why Serverless?

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 10/12/2018 pm31 21:00:00

Well ob­vi­ous­ly: Fru­gal­i­ty, se­cu­ri­ty, and elas­tic­i­ty. But I want more, I want bet­ter soft­ware. Read the article

SF-1: What Is Serverless?

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 10/12/2018 pm31 21:00:00

I don’t think it’s that com­pli­cat­ed: If you can’t see the servers in the ser­vice, then it’s server­less. Yeah, they’re still there, but the whole point is that you can most­ly not wor­ry about them. Read the article


Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 09/12/2018 pm31 21:00:00

I work in AWS’s Server­less group, and in the pro­cess of pulling to­geth­er my pre­sen­ta­tion at re:In­vent, dis­cov­ered that I have a lot of opin­ions on the sub­ject and, while they may well be wrong, are at least well-informed. You can watch that YouTube, but who’s got an hour to spare? And any­how, blogging’s re­al­ly my fa­vorite medi­um, so here we go. If I tried to glom them all to­geth­er in­to one mega-essay it’d be bru­tal­ly long, so let’s go short-form. Read the article

Step Functions Integration

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 30/11/2018 pm30 21:00:00

On Thurs­day we launched some add-ons for AWS Step Func­tions, on which I helped a bit. As usu­al, there’s a nice Jeff Barr blog. This is to add de­sign notes and ex­tra col­or. Read the article


Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 18/11/2018 pm30 21:00:00

More or less all the big APIs are REST­ful these days. Yeah, you can quib­ble about what “REST” means (and I will, a bit) but the as­ser­tion is broad­ly true. Is it go­ing to stay that way forever? Seems un­like­ly. So, what’s nex­t? Read the article

Car Capitalism

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 13/11/2018 pm30 21:00:00

What hap­pened was, I was hurtling around a mall park­ing lot in a beau­ti­ful British-designed hundred-thousand-dollar sports car, and I thought “Is this the good side of capitalism?” Read the article

Car-Charge Economics

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 04/11/2018 pm30 21:00:00

The Wikipedia ar­ti­cle on Elec­tric Car Use by Coun­try is in­ter­est­ing. Below I ex­cerpt a graph (mis­spellings: theirs) of the lead­ing electric-car ju­ris­dic­tion­s: As I write, Nor­way lead­s, at over 20%, while the US av­er­age is 1.5%. (Visit the Wikipedia link for the lat­est when­ev­er you read this.) Let’s con­sid­er the busi­ness im­pli­ca­tion­s. Read the article

Jag Diary 4: Marketing Tour

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 27/10/2018 pm31 21:00:00

What hap­pened was, Lau­ren and I played hookey from work and took in Jaguar/Land Rover’s Art of Per­for­mance tour, and it was a to­tal blast, a cou­ple hours of pure fun. This is just a rec­om­men­da­tion for the show plus a few things I’ve learned about the car (which re­mains su­per in­ter­est­ing) since the last Jag-Diary en­try. Read the article

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