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Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 09/06/2019 pm30 21:00:00

This buzzword has been echoing round the corners of Net conversation, not loud yet but the voices are those that have seemed smart in the past. I joined in a few months back by acquiring a Super Commuter+ 7 e-bike from Trek Bikes. Count me among the converted. I concluded what will probably be the last episode of my Jaguar Diary with “It makes me happy… but a new car isn’t a life-changer”. Well, I’m here to tell you that an e-bike is. And I suspect this whole Micromobility thing has legs Read the article


Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 26/05/2019 pm31 21:00:00

In my position I probably shouldn’t have a favorite AWS product, just like you shouldn’t have a favorite child. I do have a fave service but fortunately I’m not an (even partial) parent; so let’s hope that’s OK. I’m talking about Amazon Simple Queue Service, which nobody ever calls by its full name Read the article

Sour Times

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 17/05/2019 pm31 21:00:00

Really, they are. Our civic spaces are mis-led and full of anger, some of it even righteous. We have fouled our species’ nest and are ignoring the smoke curling out of its edges, and don’t know what’s awaiting when we fall out of the tree. I’ve been sad a lot Read the article


Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 12/05/2019 pm31 21:00:00

End of April, beginning of May, it’s pretty well peak time for flowers. Back in the last millennium, I used to run lots of flower pictures here, but they started blurring together in my mind in a way that made me not want to. But sometimes when the sun’s in just the right place, the flowers insist Read the article

Jag Diary 10: Four Months In

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 09/05/2019 pm31 21:00:00

Yesterday I drove the I-Pace to Seattle and back in one day, 459.8km (285.7 miles); the second time I’ve done that. What with that, and coming up for four months ownership, I thought it was time for another, maybe the final, instalment in this diary. Mostly good news — by a wide margin the best car I’ve ever driven let alone owned — but nothing’s perfect Read the article

2019 Networking Snapshot

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 01/05/2019 pm31 21:00:00

Home networking, I mean, and by phone. Hasn’t been on my mind much, because it’s generally been good enough. But for a variety of reasons I got an Eero WiFi setup and so now I have to think about it Read the article


Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 27/04/2019 pm30 21:00:00

It’s a chunk of China west and south of Beijing, extending to the sea, with a mere fifteen or so million or so people. It was where our walking-the-Wall sequence ended up, specifically at 黄崖关 (Huangyaguan). The wall there was OK, but there was an attached museum I really liked, and also the Eastern Qing Tombs, which are highly photogenic and full of stories. Here’s a view out over Huangyaguan from up on the Wall Read the article

Walking the Great Wall

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 22/04/2019 pm30 21:00:00

That was the name of the tour and that’s what we did, on each of five successive days. It was exhausting and thrilling and educational and yielded more good pictures than good stories. So herewith an illustrated narrative of what you might expect to do and see if you take this sort of tour Read the article

On Liking Beijing

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 15/04/2019 pm30 21:00:00

It’s complicated. No big city offers just one flavor. Beijing (only China’s third biggest) has plenty. I feel no need to go back (see Disliking Beijing) but I liked some Read the article

On Disliking Beijing

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 14/04/2019 pm30 21:00:00

Walking the Great Wall was fun, but Beijing is more intense, leaving me with strong and mixed feelings. There’s a lot to dislike, and on balance I can’t imagine wanting to live there. (But see also On Liking Beijing.) Read the article

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