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Orange Badge

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 14/01/2020 pm31 21:00:00

Late last year one of our admin people walked into my office, saying “Five-year anniversary, new badge, gimme your old one”. Which means I’ve been here five orbits of the sun, my longest job tenure since my seven-year stay last century at a company I co-founded Read the article

Jag Diary 11: A Year In

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 12/01/2020 pm31 21:00:00

The I-Pace insurance renewal showed up so I knew a year must have (so quickly!) gone by. I’d thought I should write something to draw a line under this diary, and then just now the car saved my life, so now’s the time. Not much new information here but maybe a couple of smiles Read the article


Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 31/12/2019 pm31 21:00:00

It’s a place near the center of New Zealand’s North Island; we spent the last Christmas of the decade there. It’s considered remote in NZ which I guess makes it doubly so in the wider world. Unless you’re planning southern-hemisphere skiing you’re unlikely to go near it, so I felt words and pictures worth sharing Read the article

Content-based Filtering

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 18/12/2019 pm31 21:00:00

The publish/subscribe pattern is central to data in motion — event-driven and messaging-based apps, I mean. I’m increasingly convinced that pub/sub software just isn’t complete without some sort of declarative filtering technology, so that you can subscribe to a huge shared torrent of data and only see the parts of it that you need to process. You could look at everything and write code to reject the data you don’t care about, but it’s nice to write a declarative rule and have the system take care of the filtering for you Read the article

The Oil Patch Up Against the Wall

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 15/12/2019 pm31 21:00:00

I’m terribly worried about how my children — and humans in general — are going to deal with catastrophic global warming in the likely case that the average global temperature spike is somewhere in the 2°-4°C range. I want to highlight a couple of weekend stories on the biggest news story of the twenty-first century: The tragedy of the deniers, and likely consequences for the perpetrators Read the article


Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 11/12/2019 pm31 21:00:00

At my day job they say “Think big!”, and @bluesky is that. I can’t stop thinking about it, and bloggers can’t help thinking in public. This work can simultaneously be probably-doomed and obviously-worthwhile Read the article

Strongly Typed Events

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 02/12/2019 pm31 21:00:00

Back in 2016, in Message Processing Styles, I was sort of gloomy and negative about the notion of automated mapping between messages on the wire and strongly-typed programming data structures. Since we just launched a Schema Registry, and it’s got my fingerprints on it, I guess I must have changed my mind Read the article

Electric Boats

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 29/11/2019 pm30 21:00:00

I love boating, but I hate the fact that powerboats guzzle loads of fossil fuel. I assuage my guilt by noting that the distance traveled is small — a couple of hours for each return trip to the cabin, and there are sadly less than twenty of those per year. Then I got into a discussion on /r/boating about whether electric boats are practical, so herewith some scratchpad calculations on that subject Read the article

Wolfe and Gika

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 23/11/2019 pm30 21:00:00

Chelsea Wolfe I mean, and her opening act Thursday night was Ioanna Gika. It was exceptionally enjoyable, partly because nothing about it was wrong. Lovely music, great staging, good venue, exceptional sound. This happens rarely enough that it’s worth calling out when it does Read the article

Bits On the Wire

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 17/11/2019 pm30 21:00:00

Exactly 100% of everything on the Internet involves exchanging messages which represent items of interest to humans. These items can be classified into three baskets: One for “media” (images, sound, video), one for text (HTML, PDF, XML), and one for “objects” (chat messages, payments, love poems, order statuses). This is a survey of how Object data is encoded for transmission over the Internet. Discussed: JSON, binary formats like Avro and Protobufs, and the trade-offs. Much of what people believe to be true is not Read the article

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