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Talking Hong Kong Blues

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 18/08/2019 pm31 21:00:00

I’m imagining a discussion that might have taken place in Baidaihe at some point this month at the annual CCP summer offsite Read the article

Jeanneau 795 Review

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 06/08/2019 pm31 21:00:00

In Europe this boat is called the Merry Fisher 795 and in the New World, the NC 795. I’ve owned it for a few months and improved it a bit and taken it a few places and feel like sharing Read the article

Google Pixel Photo Workflow

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 27/07/2019 pm31 21:00:00

I recently wrote about the excessive difficulty of moving the Google Pixel phone’s excellent pictures through a Lightroom workflow. It turns out that Lightroom has a solution; herewith details, upsides, downsides, and alternatives. Also, cautionary words for Adobe on Lightroom Classic Read the article

Google Camera RAW vs JPG

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 27/07/2019 pm31 21:00:00

I recently wrote about how to move the excellent photos from the Google Pixel phone Camera app into a desktop Lightroom workflow. I was pleased that it’s easy to tell the camera to generate DNG “RAW” files and include them in the process. But apparently, the camera’s JPGs are better and more useful than the DNGs. That’s weird Read the article

Google Photos Breakage

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 23/07/2019 pm31 21:00:00

The camera systems in the Google Pixel phones are excellent, but Google makes it way too hard for the serious photographer to get a decent workflow going. Does someone out there know a better way? If not, let’s get together and yell at Google Read the article


Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 11/07/2019 pm31 21:00:00

The launch of Amazon EventBridge, a somewhat but not entirely new thing, has been well-covered by Jeff Barr; if you want to know what it is, go read Jeff. This piece is to provide a bit of background and context on EventBridge. I didn’t actually make any direct contributions, but was upstream from this work at the definition and early-planning stage Read the article

Wealth Tax Stupidity

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 09/07/2019 pm31 21:00:00

Canada’s mainstream conservative biz paper The Financial Post recently published The NDP’s new tax-the-rich plan is terrible, even by their standards and it is stuffed with white-hot stupidity and bad arithmetic. Arguing against any given tax is sane — that’s what conservatives are for, innit? — but if they’re going to use math that would get you an “F” in Grade 8, they deserve a whack with the cluestick Read the article

Reasons to Cycle

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 06/07/2019 pm31 21:00:00

Recently I enthused on the life impact of getting an e-bike. The enthusiasm remains and I two-wheel to work almost every day. Often my thoughts are of the form “What makes this so great is…” Here are some of those, but there’s a very specific assumption: that your home city has decent bikelane infrastructure. Vancouver’s is not world-class but also not terrible, and I’ll toss in a few pix from my commute for non-bike-commuters who might not have seen what that means Read the article

CL XXXVIII: Refactorings

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 30/06/2019 pm30 21:00:00

What with our jobs and our kids, Cottage Life time has been tough in recent years. But we still believe in the place and the project enough to put money into repairing our dock and replacing our boat. Which raises issues of work-life balance and money laundering. And as always, these pieces are vehicles for pretty pictures of Keats Island and Howe Sound Read the article

Auntie Beth’s Present

Tbray Ongoing By Tim Bray on 29/06/2019 pm30 21:00:00

My Aunt Beth died a few weeks ago. Her real name was Bertha Marian White (née Scott), here’s her obituary. I was close to her when I was a kid; she was an awfully nice person, and I’m sad. But she’d been fading for years, and in the way of death these days, Beth the person we knew pre-departed the spark of life in her body. One reason we loved her is she always gave the best birthday presents, and she did that again one last time this month Read the article

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