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Labor board says Google legally fired diversity memo writer

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 1h et 9min ago

James Damore may claim Google was wrong to fire him over his memo criticizing the company's diversity culture, but a federal government overseer begs to differ. The National Labor Relations Board has published a January memo recommending a dismissal... Read the article

Rocket League Rivals brings absurd car-based soccer to the real world

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 2h et 38min ago

This week Hot Wheels unveiled Augmoto, an AR-enhanced course that makes the brand's track races a lot more video game-like. However, in the other direction it's also introducing Rocket League Rivals, a remote control vehicle kit that brings the popul... Read the article

Pros and cons: Our quick verdict on DJI's Mavic Air

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 4h et 8min ago

If you have a checklist for a camera drone, it probably includes things like portability, image quality, battery life and cost. DJI has been in the game long enough to know the things you want, and the result is the Mavic Air. Not to give you any spo... Read the article

littleBits launches more accessible $40 'Hall of Fame' kits

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 5h et 8min ago

littleBits kits are a great way to teach kids how to build their own toys and electronics, but they're not exactly cheap. The Star Wars Droid inventor set, for instance, will set buyers back $100, while others could cost as much as $300. Now, the sta... Read the article

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 5h et 23min ago

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous. Welcome to the weekend. Once you return from Wakanda, you can check out SpaceX's next rocket launch and revisit our Apple HomePod review. Read the article

Uber is reportedly preparing to sell its Southeast Asia business

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 9h et 11min ago

Late last year Uber sold off its business in China to a competitor, and now it looks like the Southeast Asia region could follow a similar path. CNBC reports that it's preparing to make a deal with Grab, a company that claimed to have 95 percent of r... Read the article

Facebook: Two-factor authentication spam was caused by a bug

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 14h et 13min ago

A number of people have been receiving random notifications from Facebook after giving the social network their phone number for two-factor authentication. Worse, if they attempt to cancel that by replying to the message, say with STOP or CANCEL, Fac... Read the article

Microsoft’s Cortana is finally on IFTTT

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 16h et 32min ago

Microsoft keeps striving to find Cortana a place in the crowded smart assistant market, and despite losing a minor feature, it's still adding functionality. Today, Cortana added IFTTT, and launched with interactions to link it up with 550 apps and de... Read the article

LG's next flagship phone may tout an extra-bright, low-power screen

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 17h et 46min ago

Just because LG is shying away from typical smartphone release cycles doesn't mean it will have nothing big to show in 2018. Well-known leaker Evan Blass has heard that LG is planning to unveil a new flagship phone, nicknamed Judy. The star attract... Read the article

Atari will use cryptocurrency to bolster its online gambling business

TUAW: Apple news By Anonymous 18h et 54min ago

In its latest bid for relevance, Atari is glomming onto the cryptocurrency craze. The company is hoping to bolster its gambling business in Europe with Atari Token, according to Bloomberg. "Our aim is to take strategic positions with a limited cash r... Read the article

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