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Inessential By Anonymous 2h et 5min ago

The hottest team in iOS development keeps on rockin’! We just released a new TestFlight build of NetNewsWire 5.0 for iOS. 🎸🐣🐯 Read the article

Immutable Swift Structs

Inessential By Anonymous on 17/01/2020 am31 05:52:00

As you read this, consider that I might be a squirrel and not, as I like to pretend, a rational programmer. My Two Brains My Objective-C brain — which will never leave me, even though I’ve been writing in Swift for years now — always told me to create immutable objects as often as possible. Objective-C brain says, “Immutable means you never have to worry about it.” My Swift brain — which is newer, and has all the fun these days — tells me another thing. Swift brain says, “Value types are good. Use value types as often as possible.” So my favorite thing in all of Swift is an immutable struct. It’s a value type, and it can’t be mutated! Both brains happeeee! 🐥🐣 Var vs. Let This came up in working... Read the article

Inessential By Anonymous on 10/01/2020 am31 06:40:00

The NetNewsWire team continues to rock — there’s a new TestFlight build up. Note the change notes — they represent just three days of work. We’ve got the best team. 🎸 Read the article

NetNewsWire for Mac Mystery Scrollwheel Crash

Inessential By Anonymous on 06/01/2020 pm31 21:19:00

For NetNewsWire for Mac, I get one or two crash logs a week referencing scrollView:​scrollWheelWithEvent:. Here’s the bug for it. Chris Campbell, in a comment, writes: FYI, I see this crash reported very frequently in the commercial Mac app I work on at my Day Job. Unfortunately, we’ve never been able to reproduce it first-hand. I used a Tech Support Incident to correspond with Apple about this issue (giving them hundreds of sample crash reports), only to have them ultimately give up and credit back the Incident. -scrollView:scrollWheelWithEvent: is an API of the private NSScrollingBehavior class and its subclasses (class cluster). Those objects are an implementation detail of NSScrollView that are stored in an external structure, so there is significant opportunity for... Read the article

Estimating NetNewsWire for iOS Demand

Inessential By Anonymous on 04/01/2020 am31 06:06:00

As we get closer and closer to shipping NetNewsWire for iOS, I’m starting to realize that the iOS version could be quite a bit more popular than the Mac app. Here are a few numbers: NetNewsWire 5.0 for Mac was downloaded 24,789 times. The NetNewsWire for Mac beta builds are downloaded anywhere from around 630 to around 1,360 times. Number of people who signed up for the public test of NetNewsWire for iOS: 5,263. Five times more? The number of testers tells me — very roughly — that there’s about five times more interest in the iOS app than in the Mac app. If that holds true, then NetNewsWire 5 for iOS, once it ships, will get downloaded about 124,000 times. Let’s round down — call... Read the article

The New Ranchero Software

Inessential By Anonymous on 03/01/2020 am31 06:02:00

Ranchero Software, my old company, has actually technically existed in three different forms over the years — I’ve been an indie, then got a job and shut down the company, went back to indie and rebooted it, got a job, etc. The most recent version — Ranchero Software, LLC — shut down a while ago. A year ago? I forget. We got tired of reporting every month that it made $0. And we realized we had no plans to ever make money, since, well, I have a great day job at Omni. But now it’s back, in a new way The new Ranchero Software isn’t a company: it’s an organization on GitHub. Just today we moved NetNewsWire and associated repos to this new location. We realized it... Read the article

My New Year’s Resolution Is to Focus My Anger

Inessential By Anonymous on 01/01/2020 pm31 22:44:00

For the last few years I’ve found myself getting angry at small things, which is so unlike me. My resolution is to try harder to get angry only when it’s actually worth it. I can be angry at cruelty, angry at the forces destroying democracy for their own corrupt power, angry at the malevolences driving our climate crisis. But I need to not get angry just because Instruments won’t profile my app, or I get a robocall, or someone on Twitter completely misses the point of something I wrote. Anger — righteous, smashing anger — is completely called-for right now. But only at the right targets. This is the hard part, at least for me — it starts to spill out to where... Read the article

Inessential By Anonymous on 01/01/2020 am31 01:50:00

NetNewsWire won an Upgradie for Best Newcomer Mac App! The whole team is so happy for this. Other awesome stuff won too — one of my favorites is Automators, which won Favorite Tech Podcast. Here’s the episode where Myke Hurley and Jason Snell talk about the winners and runners-up. Read the article

Inessential By Anonymous on 01/01/2020 am31 01:32:00

There’s a new public TestFlight build of NetNewsWire for iOS. The NetNewsWire blog has the details. Read the article

KVO, My Enemy

Inessential By Anonymous on 31/12/2019 am31 01:53:00

One of the keys to the stability of the shipping versions of NetNewsWire is that we don’t allow KVO (Key-Value Observing). KVO is a false convenience — it’s often easier than setting up a delegate or old-fashioned notification. But to use KVO is to just ask for your app to crash. And not just crash, but crash in hard-to-figure-out ways. * * * So we don’t let KVO into the app — except, well, we’re using Operation and OperationQueue for Feedly syncing, and the thing about Operation is that it uses KVO to signal when it’s finished. There’s no way of getting around that if you want to use Operation. Okay. Fine. It’s worth it, right? It’s just this one small use of KVO. Surely we’ll be... Read the article

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