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Intent to deprecate and remove: JavaScript

Ajaxian » Front Page By Michael Mahemoff on 01/04/2015 pm30 16:40:00

Blink has been a frequent source of innovation ever since it forked and a bold proposal on the Blink list today is no exception. We’re all about deprecation and removal around here, so Konstantin Nikitin’s idea created quite a buzz at Ajaxian HQ. Removing JavaScript will lead to significant performance improvements: — A lot of Read the rest... Read the article

Scaling up CSS

Ajaxian » Front Page By Michael Mahemoff on 06/09/2014 am30 06:05:00

CSS has a habit of creeping up on you. If you’re not careful, your humble stylesheet can go from a few flourishes to a giant maintenance tangle. Before you can say “12-deep nested div”, your in a world of duplication and complexity that prevents you from making timely user-interface updates. [Medium's]( one organisation that’s been Read the rest... Read the article

Mobile Proxies: A New Era Dawns

Ajaxian » Front Page By Michael Mahemoff on 08/03/2013 am31 03:35:00

This week, Chrome For Android M26 was announced. It has the literally-awesome ability to record video via `getUserMedia()`, but enough about making Skype irrelevant. What’s even more interesting is the new data compression feature. Which, to be clear, is experimental, has to be switched on, doesn’t apply to secure (SSL) sites, and it’s only running Read the rest... Read the article

Here comes Traversty traversing the DOM

Ajaxian » Front Page By jvaughan on 02/11/2012 am30 02:59:00

The Traversty DOM utility has as its purpose to allow you to traverse the DOM and manage collections of DOM elements. Proponents admit core Traversty traversal methods are inspired by Prototype’s DOM Traversal toolkit, but now in a multi-element environment that is more like jQuery and less like Prototype’s single element implementation. Read the article

Fat Fractal enters the BaaS fray

Ajaxian » Front Page By jvaughan on 27/09/2012 am30 04:24:00

What has sometimes been described as mobile middleware has taken a new tack. Now, the idea of Backend as a Service (BaaS) has begun to take off in the mobile application development space. Proponents of BaaS say it helps developers easily build mobile apps, or any other applications connected to a cloud backend. Some of Read the rest... Read the article

Windows 8 HTML5 WinRT RSS reader app

Ajaxian » Front Page By jvaughan on 24/08/2012 am31 04:33:00

WinJS is a JavaScript framework for Windows 8, and David Rousset uses it here to create a quick RSS reader. He shows how in a tutorial series. This first article shows the way to build a welcome screen that employs WinJS ListView control. Blend and CSS3 are employed. The second tutorial shows work on the Read the rest... Read the article

Hello, BinaryJS

Ajaxian » Front Page By jvaughan on 28/07/2012 am31 03:27:00

The BinaryJS framework employs websockets to handle binary data bidirectionally between browser-side javascript and server-side Node.js. Ikt supports a BinaryPack serialization format that is JSON-type compatible. It is said to automatically chunk large binary data buffers for streaming performance. BinaryJS currently supports Chrome 15+ and Firefox 11+, IE10. View the Hello World example. Read the article

Upcoming: Google IO

Ajaxian » Front Page By jvaughan on 22/06/2012 am30 04:57:00

At Google IO June 27-29 the Android platform will be on display. Direct from a recent slamdown legal court grudge win against Java steward Oracle, the Android crew will be able to tell you  about what is new and what is upcoming in Android, how you can monetize Google apps, multiversioning and more. Much will Read the rest... Read the article

Vert.x ramblings: Asynchronous network, your time has come

Ajaxian » Front Page By jvaughan on 19/05/2012 am31 04:00:00

With the debut of Vert.x, the asynchronous framework is reaching an inflection point, suggests Andrew Cholakian. With Vert.x, the software is packaged together in such a way as to be extremely practical, he states. For some JVM zealots, Vert.x may meet needs recently and apparently addressed by node.js. Vert.x is an asynchronous application server – Read the rest... Read the article

Rails cache sweeper redux

Ajaxian » Front Page By jvaughan on 28/04/2012 am30 05:03:00

Michael Mahemoff writes: To be effective, Rails cache sweepers need to be more fully understood.  They know no standard, so you must employ art. He goes on: Sweepers observe both your models and your controllers, but most workarounds focus on their controller nature.  Importantly: the sweeper must be explicitly added as an observer. Even more Read the rest... Read the article

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