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ProtonMail Contacts offers zero-access encryption for Contact information

After Dawn on 22/11/2017 pm30 13:58:00

ProtonMail, the encrypted e-mail service, has now unveiled ProtonMail Contacts, which provides zero-access encryption for contact information.Zero-access encryption means that the protected contact fields are encrypted in such a way that only you are able to decrypt and read them, not even ProtonMail can read them. While you can't encrypt the e-mail address of a contact (since ProtonMail needs to know where to send the email) you can encrypt other fields such as Address, Phone Number and Notes.The goal of this feature is to provide another level of security for journalists and others who need to keep the identity of acquaintances (e.g. sources) as secret as possible while still being able to contact them.In additional, digital signatures are utilizes to... Read the article

U.S. ITC rules in favor of TiVo over Comcast in patent dispute

After Dawn on 22/11/2017 pm30 13:55:00

U.S. international trade body has prohibited Comcast Corp from importing types of set-top boxes in a patent dispute with Rovi Corp (now TiVo).The ITC has prohibited the import and sale of Rovi's Xfinity X1 set-top box models that specifically violate two patents. It does not apply to legacy hardware that does not."Today's Commission Opinion reinforces the need for Comcast to take the necessary licenses to our IP," Rovi said in response to the commission's findings.Comcast has confirmed it will appeal the body's decision. The ban could be overturned by U.S. President Donald Trump during the Presidential Review period.Source: Reuters News AgencyPermalink | Comments Read the article

Uber fires employees after hack cover-up

After Dawn on 22/11/2017 pm30 13:51:00

Uber has fired two employees after a breach of user data was covered up last year, Dara Khosrowshahi has revealed to the public.Khosrowshahi recently replaced co-founder Travis Kalanick as CEO at the ride-sharing giant. In a blog post, he said that the October 2016 data breach had only been revealed to him recently, and that two employees whose job it was to respond appropriatelky to a data breach have been fired as a result.The names and driver's license numbers of around 600,000 drivers in the United States were stolen in the breach, along with some personal information of 57 million Uber users around the world which includes names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers.The breach happened after hackers gained access... Read the article

Skype pulled from Apple, Android app stores in China

After Dawn on 22/11/2017 pm30 13:46:00

Microsoft's Skype video-phone call and messaging service has disappeared from Apple's App Store in China, as well as stores for AndroidApple confirmed to the Reuters news agency that the removal was down to the demands of Chinese authorites. "We have been notified by the Ministry of Public Security that a number of voice over internet protocol apps do not comply with local law, therefore these apps have been removed from the App Store in China," a spokeswoman for Apple, said. "These apps remain available in all other markets where they do business."While Google Play is not available in China at all, other app stores that cater to Android devices also removed the Skype application presumably for the same reason.The incident... Read the article

Intel announces: First commercial 5G modem in development

After Dawn on 20/11/2017 pm30 22:46:00

The world's second largest semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, has announced a major project in mobile chips. The company has introduced a future portfolio for commercial 5G modems.According to a press released, the XMM 8060 is the first commercial 5G modem developed by Intel and will take on major 5G suppliers, including the likes of Qualcomm and Nokia, in the next decade's fight for wireless supremacy. In addition to the super-speedy 5G modem, Intel also announced a new XMM 7060 which improves the LTE speeds on mobile devices starting next year. As for the 5G modem, we'll have to wait a few year. While we are waiting for the first commercial devices to equip the XMM 8060 in mid-2019, we'll have the... Read the article

CCleaner becomes adware, here's how to avoid Avast ads

After Dawn on 20/11/2017 pm30 19:00:00

One of the more popular Windows cleanup tools, CCleaner, has added Avast ads on to their software. After being acquired by Avast, CCleaner wants you to install the virus protection suite along with CCleaner. Avast bought CCleaner developer Piriform in July after which it was fairly clear that Czech security software company is going to utilize the new addition in new ways. One of these ways seems to be to try and push free Avast to CCleaner users.In addition to CCleaner, Avast already has a similar cleanup tool called AVG TuneUp that troubleshoots and optimizes your Windows system. However, CCleaner is amongst the most popular Windows cleanup tools and certainly more known than Avast's offering.Adding the huge user base of... Read the article

Tesla's power pack charges your phone like a Supercharger

After Dawn on 18/11/2017 pm30 19:25:00

Tesla announced yesterday two incredible products that are due in two or three years. However, you might not have the money, nor the interest, to buy either Tesla Semi or Roadster, but there is another new product that might catch your attention.Tesla released a new battery pack, but it's not the type of battery back you charge your car from or light up your home with. It's a USB and Apple's Lightning enabled power pack for your smartphone or tablet. The battery pack is called the Powerbank after their home battery solution Powerwall and it looks like one of those iconic Superchargers you charge you Tesla with. In fact, the Powerbank uses a single 18650 cell from a Model S... Read the article

Apple's newest product misses the entire holiday season, hits the stores in early 2018

After Dawn on 18/11/2017 pm30 18:20:00

Apple has decided to push back one of the products originally revealed nearly 6 months ago in WWDC. The smart speaker, dubbed HomePod, has been delayed further and won't be seen in stores this holiday season.Apple has not given a direct reason to delays, but it seems fairly obvious that the company would've liked to release it to the public before Christmas. Apple just said it needed more time to finish the product, and thus we do not know if the problems were in hardware or software.One can, thought, speculate. It seems more likely that Apple wasn't happy with the Siri implementation, after all the hardware in an Echo-like smart speaker should be a breeze. However, software problems could be... Read the article

Tesla unveils two new vehicles, electric semi and super-fast new Roadster

After Dawn on 17/11/2017 pm30 16:53:00

Tesla has today announced two new vehicle prototypes that will bring the total number of Tesla cars, and now trucks, to six. As expected Tesla unveiled their "beastly" semi-truck the first time but not many expected a refresh to its first car, the Roadster. With the semi-truck Tesla moves to a completely different market. Previously the company has been competing against specific small to mid-sized cars, and before the Model 3 even the production volumes have been rather low. Now the company has a new type of challenge. According to all the specs and Elon Musk's price calculations everything seems promising, but you have to take into account that the company has never made a product even close to what... Read the article

Apple speeding iPhone 8 and X charging with an update

After Dawn on 16/11/2017 pm30 19:28:00

Apple has revealed that its upcoming patch will improve the quality of life of many 2017 iPhone owners. According to iOS 11.2 beta the iPhone 8 and iPhone X both will receive a boost to charging.The company will increase the maximum wattage intake from wireless charging to 7.5 watts. This means that you'll be able to charge your wireless charging enabled iPhones potentially 50 percent faster with a supported charging pad.Currently Apple only supports wireless charging up to 5 watts, which is very low considering that many pads can output up to 10, or even 15 watts. Apple's own charging pad, AirPower, is yet to be released, it should arrive early next year, but this update will improve charging with... Read the article

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